National Double Glazing Companies

Most national double glazing companies are known because of their expensive (and occasionally annoying) advertising campaigns but just because they have the money to produce TV adverts doesn’t mean they are as customer focused as you’d want them to be.

Below you’ll find a short bio for each of the top national double glazing companies as mentioned in the latest ‘Which?’ survey. The companies aren’t listed in any order of preference.

SafeStyle UK

SafeStyle UK is the largest independent installer of double glazing in the UK. Established in 1992 as part of the Style Group UK, the company now has over 40 branches nationwide and dedicated installation depots located strategically around the country. According to their website, the owners of SafeStyle UK started off with just £2000 in their pocket but last year (2012) fitted over £100million worth of replacement windows and doors. In terms of size, SafeStyle UK are huge and they have been focusing on their customer service skills of late. Saying this, they are probably best known for their permanent ‘buy one get one free’ promotion and the annoying man on the TV advert.

Contact details for SafeStyle UK

Address: Style House, Eldon Place, Bradford, Yorkshire BD1 3AZ

Telephone: 01274 842842 for customer services or 0800 106107 for sales



Everest Windows is one of the longest running double glazing companies in the UK, being founded in 1965. Since then they have provided replacement doors and windows to over 2million customers and now offer a wide range of services – including driveways and making your grass greener! Currently, Everest employs over 900 customer service representatives, 900 sales consultants and 700 installers and they have two large manufacturing plants in Wales and Kent. It will still take them an average of 6-8 weeks to install your windows though. This national company claims to be one of the most heavily accredited companies in the industry and states their main aim is to produce the best products available on the UK market.

Contact details for Everest Windows

Address: Everest House, Sopers Road, Cuffley, Hertfordshire EN6 4SG

Telephone: 0800 140 4941


Anglian Home Improvements

Anglian Home Improvements offer a wide range of services including replacement windows and doors. They sold their first windows as a start-up company in 1966 and had their first showroom by the end of 1969. Since then Anglian have done everything they can to stay ahead of their competitors in terms of technology and design, boasting one of the largest ranges of windows and doors in the world. As a service provider, the company has a formidable reputation for quality customer service and it is rare to find a bad review of their products or their practices.

Contact details for Anglian Home Improvements

Address: Anglian Windows Ltd, Customer Services, PO Box 75, Norwich, Norfolk NR6 6EJ

Telephone: 0800 954 1204


Zenith Staybrite

Zenith Staybrite was founded in 1987 when Zenith (founded in 1969) and Staybrite (founded in 1974) came together to form a single company. Many consumers know the company simply as Staybrite Windows though. The national chain has two major production plants in the UK and has recently branched out to offer a full range of home improvement services. Their biggest achievement to date has been the development of the EcoTherm window which is proving to be a big hit with ecologically conscious consumers throughout the UK. In 2006 they achieved their first 95% customer satisfaction rating, an accolade they have retained each year since.

Contact details for Zenith Staybrite

Address: Joseph King House, Abbey Farm Commercial Park, Horsham St Faith, Norwich, Norfolk NR10 3JU

Telephone: 0800 114 3028