Best Magnetic Window Cleaners For Double Glazing

Best Magnetic Window Cleaners For Double Glazing

What are the best magnetic window cleaners for double glazing? Keeping your windows clean is essential to the appearance of your home, these magnetic windows cleaners make the job super simple and keep your windows looking spotless. We’ve picked and reviewed the best magnetic window cleaners for double glazing to help you keep on top … Read more

Misted Double Glazing, What Is Condensation Inside Double Glazing And Can Blown Windows Be Repaired?

Misted Double Glazing

Are your double glazed windows misted up? Condensation inside double glazing is common but don’t worry, blown double glazing can be repaired. Double glazing is a worthy investment in any home, providing more warmth, blocking outdoor noise and improving your homes energy efficiency ultimately saving you money in the process. However, when your double glazing … Read more

DIY Double Glazing, Going Down The DIY Route

DIY Double Glazing

If you’re short on budget, then when not try DIY double glazing when upgrading your windows and doors? It is possible to fit double glazing yourself and taking this course of action will enable you to save a considerable amount of money. However, unless you are proficient, highly competent and have all the right tools, … Read more

Secondary Glazing For Sash Windows

Secondary Glazing For Sash Windows

Secondary glazing for sash windows is a great way to upgrade the energy efficiency of your property without fitting brand new windows and doors. Often, it simply isn’t viable to install brand-new double-glazing windows into your home. It might be that you live in a listed building or it might be that your property is located … Read more

Double Glazing With Integral Blinds, Advantages, Disadvantages & Costs

Double Glazing With Integral Blinds

If you are looking for new double glazed windows for your home, why not consider buying double glazing with integral blinds. The popularity of double glazing with integral blinds is increasing, and there are many advantages to selecting this type of window dressing. Integral blinds offer an alternative to traditional blinds or curtains that are … Read more

Bay Window Roof Replacement

Bay Window Roof Replacement

Is your bay window roof leaking or looking a little worn and dated? Why not get your bay window roof replaced? We look at bay window roof replacement costs and ideas in this article. Bay windows are a beautiful feature in any building and ensuring they are kept in good condition helps to show off … Read more

Orangery Or Conservatory – Which Should You Choose?

Orangery Or Conservatory

Orangery or conservatory, which is the better choice for your home extension? We explore some of the pros and cons of each below. In recent years, a lot of householders who have been unaware or uncertain of which direction to go in relation to an orangery or conservatory for their home extension. Do you go … Read more

Double Glazing Quotes, How To Get The Best Deal

Double Glazing Quotes

Getting double glazing quotes for your new windows and doors can be daunting. Follow these tips to get the best possible deal on your double glazing quotes. Double glazing is a really good way to invest in your property and it can save you money on your energy bills each year as well. However, the … Read more

Green Homes Grant Scheme For New Double Glazing

Green Homes Grant Scheme

The new Green Homes Grants Scheme will allow homeowners to get new double glazed windows and doors fitted throughout their property to makes their homes more energy efficient. If you live in England and want to make your home more energy-efficient, then the new Green Homes Grant may be perfect for you. Successful applicants will … Read more