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uPVC Bow Window: All You Need to Know

uPVC Bow Window

When many people talk about bay windows, what they’re actually referring to is something different altogether: a bow window. What’s the difference, you might ask? Well, bow windows are usually composed of three or more panes that are all joined to create a curving window structure. Though a bow window will still project out of … Read more

Bay Windows: Everything You Need to Know

Bay windows

There are just so many things to like about bay windows and it’s easy to understand why this window style is so popular. Whether you’re looking for added character, additional space, or to allow more light to flow into a room, installing bay windows can do all of these things. Bay windows have been around … Read more

Soundproof Windows: Everything You Need To Know

Soundproofing Windows

In our homes, ceilings and walls can both absorb and block sound waves. Yet, our windows – or more specifically, the glass panes in them – cannot. If you’re getting outdoor noise coming into your home, the chances are that it’s the windows letting them in. If you look at it with regards to sound … Read more

Acoustic Windows: Your Key to Quiet

Acoustic Windows with Insulation

Nowadays, a lot of people take double glazing for granted. Yet, just a generation ago, this was a relatively new invention that solved a lot of people’s sound insulation and warmth problems. Double glazing meant no scraping ice from the window panes in the depth of winter and a much quieter life than in previous … Read more

Conservatory Lighting Ideas and Considerations

Conservatory lighting ideas

During the day, you’ll not have to think too much about turning a lot on in your sunlit conservatory. But as the night draws in it doesn’t mean you should venture back into the main part of your home. Instead, you will find lots of light options available that will transform your conservatory into a … Read more