Handling Double Glazing Salesmen

How to handle Double Glazing Salesmen in your home

Double glazing installation is something that can provide you with many benefits, enhancing your quality of life at home as well as improving security, property value, and the aesthetic appeal of your home.

However, if you are planning to have double glazing fitted one thing you need to do is make sure you don’t get railroaded into choosing a particular company before you’ve had the chance to look around for the best deals.

In order to ensure you get the right double glazing and a good deal, it is important to have a double glazing salesperson come to your home to assess your needs and provide you with pricing. It’s one thing if you actually contact a company to ask for a sales representative to come to your home and do this. However, if you find yourself opening the door to a cold-calling salesperson, you may need to be on your guard.

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Tactics of a Double Glazing Salesman

Double glazing salesmen who turn up at your home without an appointment are generally trained to hard-sell, which means that they will use all sorts of tactics to try and get you to make a rush decision and sign on the dotted line. While they are trained to make everything they say sound tempting, you need to bear in mind that much of what they say is part of a sales script designed to rush you into a decision.

Some of the tactics to look out for include:

  • Special deal for today only: A salesman may tell you that you can get a really big discount on the cost of supply and installation but that the offer is for one day only, which means that you need to decide and commit today in order to benefit. This is a common sales tactic that you should avoid falling for.
  • Speak to the manager: Many salesmen will make consumers think they are getting an extra special deal by telling them they are going to ‘ring their manager’ to negotiate a discount. They then get on the phone and come back to you with a knock down price that has apparently been reluctantly agreed by the manager. Again, this is another common tactic you need to avoid falling for.
  • Buy the front windows and get the back ones free: In the current climate no company can afford to send sales reps out and offer 50 percent discounts to all customers. The chances are that the prices on the front windows will be so inflated that you will end up paying for the back ones by default.

Do your own research

Of course, there is no harm letting the salesperson come in and provide you with prices for your double glazing if this is something you are looking to have installed – if nothing else, it will give you practise in how to handle and avoid high pressure sales tactics. One thing you should never do, however, is give in and sign on the dotted line on the basis of the ‘special offers’ that the salesperson presents to you.

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