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Cost of Double Glazing: Average Glazing Prices by Region [2022]

What Is The Average Cost of Double Glazing Across The UK?

There is a massive disparity in the price of double glazing, and it seems to be wholly dependent on where you live. You can expect to see prices range from £150 to £650 per window depending on your location.

We have taken the average price of double glazing from key areas of the UK so that you can find out where you can achieve the best value. We’ve also added the average house prices in to give you a better idea of where is the most economically beneficial area to live.

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The North

House prices in the North of England have remained significantly lower than the south, and the average house price is £191,000. When you consider that typical price to install new double glazing in this area is £3,500, then you will begin to understand that this is an excellent place if you are looking to achieve good value for your money compared to other areas in the UK.

East Riding of Yorkshire is a great example to use as an average family house price comes in at just under £185,000 with glazing coming in at £1,500 for up to six windows and doors costing around £300 each.

The South East

It’s no shock that the average home in the South East will set you back around £419,317. When you bear in mind that many of the homes in this area will either be in London or be close to the capital, then the hike in price makes slightly more sense. However, with higher house prices and living costs, the average cost of double glazing also comes in much higher than anywhere else in the UK with an average price of £10,000 for a semi-detached family home.

Surrey has some of the most expensive houses on the market with an average p4rice of £607,693. This is due to the size and exclusivity of some parts of this county, and double glazing is no exception to the price increase. The average-sized detached home in Surrey will cost £14,000 to glaze, and you can expect this to rise if you have doors that need replacing or more than two storeys to your house.

The South West

The South West of England is the second most expensive place to live in the UK with average house prices coming in at £317,304 and typical double glazing charged at £11,00 for a semi-detached family home, including doors. The cost of living near some of the UK’s most beautiful beaches make this area one that can afford to charge over the average.

Devon is famous for its rugged landscape and glorious cream teas, but average house prices in this area hit £309,662, and the glazing costs are in line with the area average. Many families are living in this area and because it is an affluent place to live there aren’t many grants available unless you are receiving a means-tested benefit.


When you cross the River Severn into Wales, you can expect to pay around £199,536 for your average home. The great thing about this area is that glazing is still relatively cheap and you can expect to pay around £300 per window or £4600 for a semi-detached house, including doors.

The newest city in Wales is Newport, which has seen an increase in house prices recently due to the removal of tolls on the two Severn Bridges. The average price in this area is £193,093, and the average cost of double glazing is around £5000 for a semi-detached home.

The Midlands

The Midlands are split into East and West, but house prices are roughly similar with an average price of £238148. This area is home to the natural beauty of the Peak District as well as the booming business area of Birmingham. To get new double glazing for your home in this area will cost you around £7500 for the average semi-detached house.

In Derbyshire, you can expect to pay around £223,578 for a house, and the glazing hits just over the top of the area average at £8000 per home. Many of the houses in Derbyshire are nestled away in stunning villages are there are good local trades to tap into that may help you bargain that average price down.


With some of the most remote parts of the UK in its borders, the average house price in Scotland is just £183,683, and you can get a lot for your money if you are willing to live with the weather conditions that come as part of this stunning landscape. The cost of double gazing a semi-detached house will only set you back about £3250, and this can be even cheaper if you are willing to get it done in the winter months when trades are looking for work.

Aberdeenshire is famous for Aberdeen Angus and is a popular place to live with an average house price of £217,785. Double glazing is higher in this county than in others across Scotland, but the average cost is still only £4000 for a semi-detached house. It’s well worth investing in new glazing to help keep warm in the famously cold Scottish winters.


It’s clear that the cost of living and house prices directly affect the average cost of double glazing, and this is no big shock. However, what is shocking is the vast difference across the UK, with the North of England offering the lowest prices. Before you put your house on the market and move to the North, it is worth remembering that the main reason for the fluctuating prices is more to do with how much each area costs to live in and the average salary in these areas.

If you need new glazing, then it is worth contacting local businesses as opposed to big brand names as you can usually get a much better deal and even work with them to do your new windows and doors in affordable stages. It’s also essential to check if you can get any financial support in the form of grants to help you cover the cost of this home improvement.

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You can save up to 65% OFF new windows and doors by using our online cost calculator.

FENSA approved installers
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  1. Being a double Glazing company in Greater London, we can add that the average UPVC window will set you back £190-£370 fully fitted and an aluminium window will cost approx £500 – £750 and the article is totally accurate about the rates being alot higher down this neck of the woods.


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