Triple Glazing Noise Reduction

Triple Glazing Noise Reduction Benefits

It seems to be obvious that triple glazing would offer the benefits of double glazing and more, but this isn’t always the case. If you are looking purely at energy efficiency then the payback on your initial outlay takes a while to be seen with double glazing, and triple glazing costs a bit more; so is it worth it? Well one of the most instantaneous benefits of installing triple glazing is noise reduction.

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The key benefits of Triple Glazing

Noise reduction, energy efficiency and draught reduction are the key points peddled by triple glazing salesmen, but are three panes better than two?

It would seem that Scandinavia think that the advantages of three panes outweigh the disadvantages; triple glazing is pretty much standard in this groups of countries. However the climate there is also significantly colder than the UK, so what makes sense there may not be worth the extra effort and cost here. It all comes down to the u value of a window, which is a measure of its energy efficiency with the lowest value being the best. A single pane window has a U value of 5, with older double glazing coming in at about 3 and newer modern glazing at 1.6 due to improved manufacturing and design. Exterior walls have a U value of 0.3, with triple glazing scoring 0.8 which makes them better than double glazing but still a good way behind your walls.

Triple Glazing Noise Reduction

Triple Glazing Noise ReductionTriple glazing is clearly more energy efficient than double glazing, and although the cost is higher it will probably take around the same length of time to recoup the cost in energy bill savings as double glazing would do due to the savings being that bit more.  Triple glazing units are heavier than double glazing, and therefore need stronger frames, which are in turn more durable and secure. The main tangible benefit of triple glazing is the reduction of cold spots beside windows in your home; improved wall insulation means that windows are a weak point and triple glazing cuts down on the cool patches in an otherwise warm room.  One of the major benefits is triple glazing noise reduction, triple glazing is much better at reducing outside noise, and so particularly good for homes in busy or excessively noisy locations.

It is important to remember that the frames and sealing of triple glazed windows is integral to the level of insulation they provide; many people are surprised that uPVC frames actually lose more heat than wooden ones. In order to get the best U value it is vital that the design of the windows includes good quality spacers and krypton or argon filled spacers between the panes of glass.

Should i invest in Triple Glazing to help with noise reduction?

On the whole it makes sense to splash out on the extra cost of triple glazing if you are replacing single glazed windows anyway, or are building a new home or extension. If you have good quality double glazing already that is functioning properly then the cost of installing triple glazing probably is not worth the benefit you will gain. If you live in a particularly noisy location then triple glazing noise reduction is a huge benefit.

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2 thoughts on “Triple Glazing Noise Reduction”

  1. For triple glazing to be cost effective the glass unit needs to be a minimum of 44mm thick and even then with the UK climate the homeowner will never make their money back, this reason alone is why triple glazing has not taken off in the UK.

    For acoustic performance, double glazing performs better than triple. But the composition of the double glazed unit is critical. Both panes need to be different thicknesses to begin with so when the sound wave hits the unit both panes resonate at different frequencys, disrupting the sound wave and making the noise quieter. Of course this could be done with triple but you are adding to the cost of an already expensive unit so its not worth it.

  2. Hello i have read your information about triple and double glazing, a welath of information. Just one question as I live on a noisy road and really wnst to reduce ss musch noise as possible. Is it possible to get three differnent glass thickness to reduce noise in a triple glazed window and how much more expensive would this be compared to double glazing ?

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