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So, you’re thinking about replacement windows?

Replacement Windows

There are many reasons for changing your windows and/or doors and, unless you get it drastically wrong – either by choosing a style that is unsympathetic to your home or by doing it ‘on the cheap’ and ending up with an inferior product – you will improve the look and increase the value of your … Read more

10 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy Double Glazing

Double Glazed Windows

10 important key facts you should consider before installing double glazing in your home. Double glazing is subject to strict Building Regulations – make sure you adhere to them Safety, security and energy conservation will be enhanced, learn more about the benefits of double glazing Your chosen style should complement and enhance your property Cheaper … Read more

Is Double Glazing a Good Investment?

Is Double Glazing a Good Investment?

So is double glazing really a good investment for your property? There are many different types of home improvements that can benefit our properties in one way or another. This could mean improving anything from comfort and quality of life through to increasing the value of the home or the chances of a sale if … Read more

How To Pick a Reputable Double Glazing Company

Reputable Double Glazing Company

Finding a reputable double glazing company need not be a stressful exercise. Here are some top tips to pick a reliable company for your new windows and doors. One of the most popular types of home improvement carried out by homeowners is the installation of double glazing. This is an improvement that can provide you … Read more

Double Glazing For Caravans And Lodges

Double glazing for caravans

Fitting double glazing in caravans and lodges can really help keep them warm throughout the year. With many more people choosing to stay in the UK for their holidays each year, buying a caravan or a static home or lodge is becoming ever more popular. This option lets you holiday whenever you like, without the … Read more

Can double glazed windows (IGU) keep sun heat out?

Double Glazing Heat

Does double glazing keep heat out as well as providing insulation to keep the heat in? The majority of people in the UK would think of double and triple glazed units, or IGU’s, as a way to keep heat inside a home and therefore reduce bills in winter. However, IGU’s can also be used to … Read more

Does Double Glazing Block Out Noise?

Double Glazing Block Noise

Does double glazing really block out noise? This article explains how double glazing blocks out noise. Many people will turn to double glazing as a way to block out noise from their homes as well as to keep the heat in; if you live on a busy road or near to a pub, airport or … Read more

Double Glazing Frame Materials, Picking The Right Frame

Double Glazing Frame Materials

This article explores the different type of double glazing frame materials available today. Aluminium This shares many of the features of PVCu, although aluminium is more expensive and does not provide such efficient insulation. When double glazed windows first became popular in the late 1960s aluminium was the usual choice of material due to its … Read more

Double Glazing Design Issues

Double Glazing Prices

Double glazing design issues, there are a number of issues worth considering regarding the design of your replacement windows and doors. Sight lines Most modern replacement windows (get a quote here) have smaller areas of glass wherever there are openings (sashes) fitted. Where the frames are fixed the glass area will be larger. This creates … Read more