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How Much Value Does An Orangery Add To My Home?

Does having an orangery add value to my home? Well, that depends, in this article, we explore how much value an orangery can add to your home.

Daydreaming on Rightmove and flicking through the Ideal Home Magazine, one can start to understand the growing popularity of the orangery. This surge in popularity has enhanced the status of the orangery into one of the “must-have” additions when considering a new prospective property. This article will highlight the basics of what an orangery is and what, if any value, it might add to your property?

The Basics – What Is An Orangery?

At its most simplistic, the Orangery can be viewed as a more grandiose collaboration between a traditional conservatory and an extension to a property. It has fewer windows than a conservatory but has more windows than a traditional stone or brick extension. It is designed to act as a counterbalance between the home space and the garden space by creating a space filled with light and warmth which connects the house with the outside world – this is what gives it its “wow” factor.

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In terms of historical popularity, the orangery was first conceived during the Renaissance when Italian architects articulated design formats which allowed for indoor space to mirror the external greenery. The Dutch, during their period of imperial ascent, developed the first grandiose variants which included the Italian baroque design with a more fluid awareness of wealth – by creating visual spaces designed to “wow” audiences.

The growth of popularity in Britain also mirrored its own imperial actions. In Victorian Britain, designers utilised the orangery as a functional space for introducing the exotic into Britain – wealthy merchants and nobility would grow oranges, lemons and limes in grand spaces designed to provide visual markers for their own wealth and status in society. Today, the orangery is a little less grandiose but with a greater emphasis on design authenticity with open-plan kitchens and study areas being fused into the traditional orangery design layout.

Adding an orangery will add value to your house price
Adding an orangery will add value to your house price. This example is from Abbey Conservatories.

Orangery and Conservatory – What’s The Difference?

The ubiquitous UPVC conservatory is predominantly constructed from plastic, metal and lots of glass windows – from floor to roof. The orangery, by contrast, is a sturdier proposition. It is often developed, from an architectural viewpoint, as a design continuation of the house on which the orangery is being constructed. This will mean the orangery will utilise similar brick, stone or wooden features to continue the design aesthetic. The sturdier build quality of an orangery ensures it can add significant value to your home, as they tend to last much longer structurally and aesthetically than a traditional UPVC conservatory.

Another key difference surrounds the construction and layout. The orangery will utilise baroque-style design principles with floor-to-ceiling pillars, what they call a lantern roof style and features that provide a fully immersive experience of the grandiose. These experiences are collaboratively connected with symmetry and continuity in relation to the rest of the home.

Other differences surround the way the orangery can be utilised. Unlike a traditional conservatory, many orangeries will have underfloor heating systems and even air conditioning systems. These extra features found in orangeries will add value to your home if installed correctly. The structure will on traditional orangery designs have floor-to-ceiling windows, the traditional focal point of the lantern roof sections and full-height brick or stone pillars that provide the opulence that orangeries are famed for. This is what will give the orangery its prominence and help create a stylistic bridge between the original house and the new structure.

Another key difference is that temperature control is a key benefit that orangeries have over conservatories. This year-round dynamic means orangeries can be utilised in ways traditional conservatories cannot – albeit without increasing utilities expenditure. The orangery will an oasis of warmth in the winter and a cooling retreat during the summer months thanks to the heating, less window/sunlight glare and insulation.

Finally, the orangery will provide an allure to your property – one usually associated with the Baroque-style grand home. The visual finery of the orangery will give a luxurious addition to your home – but one with function. Just like adding an extension, an orangery will create additional space and increased price value to your home.

An orangery will increase your house value significantly
An orangery will increase your house value significantly, in some cases as high as 15%, although price increases of 5-10% are more common. This example is from Leekes Windows.

Added Value – Orangeries and Conservatories: The Low Down

A well-designed and professionally built conservatory or orangery, with stunning external views and great direct sunlight, will, of course, add value to your overall house price valuation.

That said, it is all about quality and sunlight. These two areas are the greatest indicators of a possible increase in property value. However, to get property price increases due to an orangery, of around 5 to 10 per cent, one needs to create and build a large space that captures the design aesthete of the Baroque yet simultaneously providing a space with purpose and meaning.

It goes without saying, but an orangery will cost more money in terms of construction and design costs than a traditional conservatory. Learn more about typical orangery costs here.

The orangery, due to its foundational design, lantern roof and brick walls will have a sturdier feel in terms of connecting this new space with your home – the orangery will even mimic the house in terms of design continuity.

In terms of costs, according to Zoopla, a well-designed and professionally built orangery will cost around £20,000 at the minimum end of the scale. The 5-10 per cent property price increase brought about by the installation of an orangery can be seen if we take the Office of National Statistics UK average house price of £254,000, which would boost the property price to an approximate £279,400 which makes a theoretical £5,000+ profit based on average £20,000 orangery construction costs.

Other Considerations – Things To Think About Before Building an Orangery

There is one problematic issue that many homeowners always seem to forget about and that is the link between the greenery of the garden space and the internal home space and how the orangery acts like a conduit between both spaces. Therefore, it is crucial that the orangery does not eat up too much external space. You do not want to add 10 per cent to your property price by eating into your garden space which will then diminish the property’s overall valuation.

As highlighted above, continuity is central to making sure an orangery brings value and purpose to your home. You will need to work on making sure thematically the orangery intersects with the overall property to help make sure the design flows throughout without any aesthetic breaks. This is not just about external design similarities, but also internally it is about the idea that from the front door to the orangery double doors, it is all about the journey to the garden beginning in the home. This design journey is crucial in underpinning a successful and profitable orangery.

Finally, always follow your regional planning rules and regulations. You need to make sure it is legal and above board. The design success is based on maintaining responsible planning guidance to help make sure the project is a success.

By following the above areas, one can install an orangery that brings real value – both financial and emotional – to help provide the right unique space that can help you and your family make lasting memories for a lifetime.

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You can save up to 40% OFF your new orangery by using our online cost calculator.

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