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High Security Double Glazing Doors And Windows

Looking for extra security in your home or business? High security double glazing can help protect your property from intruders and prying eyes.

Looking for greater security at your premises? You can always opt to install high security versions of double glazed windows and doors. High security double glazing is made from tougher glass, sturdier frames and has top of the range locks that are nearly impossible for criminals to break into.

People are opting for high security windows and doors for lots of reasons. However, the main one is that you can sleep easier at night, knowing that you and your family are as safe as you can be. There is no price you can put on protecting your loved ones, but these windows and doors will go a long way to help you achieve this goal.

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What products are considered to be high security?

For a product to be considered high security, it needs to be made from top of the range materials that are innovative and only recently put on the market. The reason for this is that there will be less of them in use and so they will be harder to break into if someone was trying to access your property without a key.

High security double glazing comes with toughed glass, like Hammerglass, that is considered to be virtually unbreakable. Couple this with high security window or door locks and you are on the way to ultimate safety. It’s worth remembering that high security double glazing is one aspect of safety and they are the perfect compliment to a state of the art alarm and security lights and camera

The other aspect of the design is the frames. Traditional frames can be flimsy and easy to damage, leaving you at risk. High security door frames are reinforced and made from durable materials so that your high security door or window is not let down by a weak frame.

Why do people choose high security double glazing for their homes?

Consumers can sometimes be embarrassed to ask for high security options as they feel that it makes them look insecure or paranoid. Interestingly, people from all walks of life are opting to have high security double glazing installed, and so no one should feel awkward about sourcing them.

The main reasons that people opt for high security double glazing and doors include:

  • Personal safety. This is a common reason with people wanting to find a way to ensure they are as protected as possible. The peace of mind you can achieve when you know your home is secure is well worth the cost that is incurred.
  • Keeping the property safe. If you have a property that is uninhabited or a business building, then getting high security windows and doors will help you to protect your investments. Many property owners love that when they have these windows and doors installed, they no longer need to complete daily checking as they know their property is secure.
  • Keeping items safe. If you own an item of significant value, then it is important to store it securely and reduce the risk of it being stolen. People in this position will often choose high security glazing option so that they can enjoy their belongings without worrying about them.
  • Reducing the costs of insurance is also a key factor in getting high security double glazing. The more secure your home or business is, the less it will cost you to cover the items inside.

How easy are these products to install?

When it comes to having high security double glazing installed, you do not need to worry as installation times are similar to that of regular double glazing.

When you have selected and ordered your new windows and doors, you will be given an installation date. This date will be the time you can expect the installers to arrive and complete the job. Prior to installation, it is sensible to find out the working hours of the installers so you know when you should expect them to start and finish each day. Your installer should also give you an approximate timescale so you know how long the entire job will take.

Once your products have been installed, you will be shown how to work each window locks and how to use your doors properly. You should get a full manufacturer warranty that will cover you for any defects and will mean that you can have any items replaced within a specific timeframe.

If you are looking for a DIY solution then you can always try tinted double glazing to add an extra layer of privacy to your home.

Where can I find high security double glazing doors and windows in the UK?

It is important to find a quality installer, and we strongly advise you to make sure that you are really purchasing high security items as opposed to windows and doors that have been marketed as if they are high security. To help, we have listed some of the best supplier and installers for you to contact.

Weatherproof Windows – Based in Hartlepool, this company offers a wide range of glazing and door options that include high security.
Phone Number: 01429 291622
Website: www.weatherproof-windows.co.uk

Safechoice – A nationwide company that offers a range of options if you want to have high security glazing installed in your home or business.
Phone Number: 0800 0246230
Website: www.safechoice.co.uk

South Lakes Windows – A company that covers the North of England and offers Tricept windows and doors.
Phone Number: 0800 9176066
Website: www.southlakeswindows.com

PR Windows – Covering Surrey, this company offers a good range of options for anyone interested in high security double glazing.
Phone Number: 01737 845273
Website: www.prwindows.co.uk

Window Security Solutions – A nationwide business that provides a range of high security double glazing options to customers over the country.
Phone Number: 0161 4130766
Website: www.windowsecuritysafety.co.uk

Tecdur – This company is based in Northern Ireland and offers double glazing that has been made to protect you and your family.
Phone Number: 028 97521754
Website: www.tecdur.com

Compare Window Costs Online

You can save up to 65% OFF new windows and doors by using our online cost calculator.

FENSA approved installers
It only takes one minute
Receive as many as 4 quotes
Save time and money
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