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Green Homes Grant Scheme For New Double Glazing

The new Green Homes Grants Scheme will allow homeowners to get new double glazed windows and doors fitted throughout their property to makes their homes more energy efficient.

If you live in England and want to make your home more energy-efficient, then the new Green Homes Grant may be perfect for you. Successful applicants will be able to use it for new double glazed windows and doors throughout their property.

This government-backed initiative is worth over 2 billion pounds and proved to be a success over it’s initial 6 month period. On that basis the government has decided to add an additional 1 year extension, meaning you are able to apply from now until the end of March 2022!

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Rishi Sunak announced the scheme as he made a commitment to help homeowners improve their properties across the country. If successful, not only will this scheme provide work to tradespeople up and down the country, but it will also have a significant impact on the energy efficiency of homes across the land too.

What is The Scheme All About?

When the Green Homes Grant scheme was introduced last July, it was defined as an opportunity to help homeowners improve their homes and reduce the cost of their bills. Now that the country has been so severely affected by COVID-19, it is also an opportunity to help the trade industry recover and provide a much-needed stimulus for the UK economy.

The scheme is open with a sliding scale, meaning that if you are a low-income household, you may qualify for the maximum level of support. In contrast, more average-earning households will be able to apply for up to two-thirds of the work that is done. One of the key aims of this scheme is to give homeowners the chance to maximise the capital they have available and get more work done then you could have afforded to otherwise.

However, the grant is only open to homeowners, so this is not something you can apply for if you are renting a property. The term homeowner also includes landlords who own properties that are rented for domestic housing as well as park homeowners. If you live in a freehold situation, you will still be eligible but will need to seek permission from the other freeholders before you can apply for the grant.

How Much Can I Get?

The government have pledged to supply vouchers for up to two-thirds of the total cost of the work that you choose to have done, as long as it is within the parameters of the scheme. The maximum benefit you can get is £5000 for the typical UK household. However, a low-income household can apply for 100% of the cost of the work to a maximum of £10000. When you get your quotes for the work, you simply share this information in your account area, and you will receive a calculation that states how much the vouchers will be that you can receive. This information can then help you work out your budget before work commences.

What Can I Use It For?

When it comes to spending the vouchers, you must be using them for a primary insulation measure or a low carbon heating measure. When you agree to have primary measure installation, you can then use the voucher to help pay for secondary measures too. There is no scope to use the vouchers for any other work on your house, and so it is important to check that the work you are contracting, fits in with the scheme.

To help, we have listed primary and secondary measures that are all included in this scheme below:


  • Flat roof insulation
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Solid wall insulation
  • Park home insulation
  • Loft insulation
  • Under-floor insulation
  • Room in roof
  • Air or ground source heat pump
  • Solar thermal heating
  • Biomass pellet boilers


  • Double glazing
  • Triple glazing
  • Secondary glazing
  • Energy-efficient replacement doors
  • Hot water tank insulation and thermostats
  • Heating controls

How Do I Apply?

The scheme is being administered by Simple Energy Advice who have a simple eligibility checker on their website.

You simply work your way through the checker, answering the questions presented to you. You will then be given the results of your eligibility check and information on how to progress your application should you be able to apply.

At the moment, the applications are not live, but they are expected to go live by the end of September.

When you are able to apply, you will be able to use the site to help you work out what work you can have done and find tradespeople that are approved to provide the work.

In the meantime, you can complete the checker and begin to get quotes for the work ready for when the application system launches. However, it is crucial that you do not agree to have any work done until your application is fully processed, and the vouchers have been issued.

When Does the Work Need To Be Completed By?

This scheme is time-limited with it closing in full by the end of March 2022. This means that you will need to get all the work you want to have done arranged well before this date so that your application can be processed and approved in good time.

The scheme will not cover any work that is due to complete after this date, so you must get booked in well in advance and remember that tradespeople are likely to be busy, so it is wise to act as quickly as possible to make the most of this scheme.

Check your eligibility for this scheme and apply here.

Who Can Carry Out The Work?

Once you have checked your eligibility, you can start to get a number of quotes from local and national accredited tradespeople using our online cost calculator here.

Once you have received your quotes using our calculator, do not agree to have any work done until your application is fully processed, and the vouchers have been issued.

Get your quotes here

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Compare Window Costs Online

You can save up to 65% OFF new windows and doors by using our online cost calculator.

FENSA approved installers
It only takes one minute
Receive as many as 4 quotes
Save time and money
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  1. Hi have I missed out on the government scheme for double glazing I am a special guardian for my grandchildren and need help with my windows they are about 25 years old

    • Hi Michelle, no you haven’t. Luckily the government has decided to extend the scheme until March 2022, so you still have time to get applying! But as mentioned in the article, all work needs to be complete by this date so it’s worth looking at getting the work done sooner rather than later.


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