Fitting Cat/Dog Flaps in Double Glazing Doors & Windows

You can install a cat or dog flap into double glazed doors and windows. Here’s how…

As a nation of animal lovers, we all want to ensure that our pets are well looked after and are able to enjoy some level of freedom at home. For many pet owners, this means fitting a cat or dog flap so that their pet is able to come and go as they please rather than having to try and get someone’s attention to go in or out. In addition, fitting an animal flap means that you are not going to be constantly hassled by your pet and you are far less likely to tread in something undesirable that has been deposited on the floor by your cat or dog.

In years gone by, animal flaps were easily fitted into traditional timber doors. However, these days more and more people are opting for double glazed doors due to the range of benefits that double glazing is able to provide. If you have double glazing or plan to have it installed, you don’t need to worry as you can still have an animal flap fitted into double glazing, which means that your pet still gets to benefit from the freedom to go outside when it needs to.

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Fitting your cat or dog flap into new double glazing

If you are planning to have double glazing installed but have not yet ordered your units, you should think about where you want the dog or cat flap. This is because the flap can be installed into the double glazing at the manufacturing stage, which is the simplest and most efficient method. Therefore, make sure you advise the double glazing company you use about your need for a cat or dog flap at the ordering stage so that this can be incorporated into the cost.

Once this has been done, the double glazing company can come and install your double glazing as normal and you will already have your animal flap installed ready for use by your pet.

Fitting your cat or dog flap into existing double glazing

If you already have double glazing installed, you need to make sure you don’t just start trying to make holes in the unit yourself. Apart from anything else, you need to remember that this is a sealed unit and this type of damage can result in air entering and misting up your glass. What you can do is contact a double glazing company to discuss getting a new piece of glass with the cat flap preinstalled. This can then simply be used to replace your old glass, which is a process that a reputable company will be able to complete with ease and speed.

In short, having double glazing doesn’t mean that your pet has to be confined to the house forevermore. By ensuring the double glazing company is aware of your need for an animal flap or by contacting a professional to come and assess your existing double glazing, you can get a flap fitted without any problem. Some companies are able to supply the pet flaps as well as install them while others will be happy to use an animal flap that you supply yourself.

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    • Hi Caroline, yes you can fit a cat flap into a PVC panelled door. Call your local glazing firms and ask them to quote you on this.

  1. Quick question: do you need a FENSA certificate if you replace an existing double glazed pane of glass with a precut cat flap hole in a double glazed pane of glass?

  2. We would like a quote for a medium sized dog flap to be fitted through double glazing door please.

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