Double Glazing Prices, What Can You Expect To Pay?

Your detailed guide to double glazing prices in the UK.

This article explores the various factors affecting double glazing prices in the UK. We welcome your input and encourage you to comment on this article to help improve the information and keep our site as up to date as possible.

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If you woke up this morning with thoughts of new double glazing then chances are you’ll be looking for quotes at some point in the near future. But who do you go to for a quote first? Should you go with the national companies who are well-known to all or should you opt for the local companies who will probably value your business an awful lot more?

Obviously, if you can cope with all the sales banter given by the sales people from the big names then it makes sense to get quotes from them as well as a few local firms. You’ll find that the double glazing prices you receive will vary quite dramatically, even though they are quoting for the same windows, but remember that the lowest quote you get won’t always be the best in the long run.

So how do double glazing prices vary from company to company?

National Brands vs. Local Independent Firms

Double Glazing PricesIf we take an average 3-bed semi-detached house as our example we can do a quick double glazing price comparison offered by different types of firms.

To start with, nationally recognised brands will always tell you the recommended retail price before quoting the price they will actually be charging. Generally speaking, a national company quoting for a 3-bed semi (not in London) will charge between £4000 and £6000, depending on whether you want a patio door included. For this price, you do get the work completed by a major name with a solid reputation and very probably a full guarantee on the product and the work done.

Local independent firms rarely have the expensive overheads incurred by the national brands though e.g. factory premises, storage facilities, sales executives, large customer service departments etc. and so they can often supply and fit the very same style of window with the same quality for between £3000 and £4000. A lot of smaller firms charge by the window and they rarely have a minimum order so it can also work out cheaper to buy a window as you can afford it. This cuts out the expensive finance agreements touted by the national companies and allows you to buy when you can.

The table below shows the approximate price bands for both local and national double glazing firms. The prices will vary depending upon type and style of the window frame, the number of windows required and if a bay window needs to be fitted.

Double Glazing PricesEstimated National Firms PricingEstimated Local Firms Pricing
2-bed semi-detached£3000 - £4500£2000 - £3500
3-bed semi-detached£4000 - £6000£3000 - £4000
4-bed detached£5000 - £7500£4000 - £6500

How location affects double glazing prices

As with most other services the location of the service provider plays a big part in the prices they charge. Inner city double glazing installers do have to charge higher prices than out-of-city installers simply because they have to pay higher wages, more for fuel, more for retail premises etc. If you’re looking for double glazing prices and you live in a major city then you should expect to pay around 20% more than someone living in an out-of-city location for exactly the same windows and service.

In some areas, it may be possible to use a local independent firm from an out-of-city location even if you live in the middle of a city. They may quote higher than they normally do to cover their travel expenses but even so, you’ll still probably save money by doing so.

You’ll also find that double glazing prices in the south of England are often more expensive than in the north of England, in Scotland and in Wales when compared on a window for window basis. Again this has a lot to do with business overheads and unfortunately, it’s a factor of double glazing that can’t be changed. If you do live in an ‘expensive’ location then it’s even more essential to get a decent number of price quotes from national and local firms.

In summary

Every single double glazing quote is unique. Start by getting a number of quotes from different firms and comparing them in terms of service provided and the guarantee they give. You’ll often find that the local independent firms will offer the lowest double glazing prices and these are always worth checking out first.

Double glazing prices can fluctuate depending on your regional area, supplier and time of year. The cost of double glazing can also depend on many factors such as the size of the home, the number of windows to be fitted and style of frame.

If you can’t stretch your budget to having new windows and doors installed, you can also consider secondary double glazing or double glazing repairs.

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