Double Glazing For Caravans And Lodges

With many more people choosing to stay in the UK for their holidays each year, buying a caravan or a static home or lodge is becoming ever more popular. This option lets you holiday whenever you like, without the need to pay for accommodation, as you already have it. A static home or lodge will often pay for itself if you choose to rent it out when you are not using it, making this a very cost effective way to holiday.

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The slight downside to a caravan or lodge is that you have to maintain it, and pay for heating or air conditioning costs when you stay, and with the unpredictable weather in the UK these costs can add up. Installing double glazing in your lodge or caravan is a great way to save on energy costs as good quality double glazing will keep the heat in when it is chilly and out when the sun is blazing down. The initial cost of double glazing for your caravan or lodge can get pretty high, so make sure you are getting good quality windows that will last for many years.

Double glazing units for caravans come with uPVC or steel frames; the former is easier to maintain and tends to look better, but may warp in strong sunlight whereas the steel frames can stand up to any level of sun heat without being affected. There are different styles of double glazing unit, with different sections that can be opened and varying levels of energy efficiency, so consider what you want before committing to a quote. If you are only ever planning to holiday in the summer then paying more for the very highest level of energy efficiency, an A rating, is probably not necessary but you may want to splash out on a special coating to reflect more of the sunlight and stop your caravan or lodge overheating.

Security is another important consideration when you are choosing double glazing for you lodge or caravan; these are generally not the most secure of places and so anything  you can do to make it harder to gain access is a bonus. Check what locks come with the double glazing units you are considering and make sure they are secure and easy to use. Windows that can be locked open just a small amount are great for letting a little bit of air in on a summers evening without compromising your safety.

Double glazing can be a really good addition to your caravan or lodge; it will save energy, increase your safety and also filter out a lot of the noise from outside, which is especially good on a noisy site. Your caravan or lodge will also look better with new, good quality window units, and the resale value will increase. It looks like fitting new double glazing units has no down side, but always remember to use a reputable company and get a minimum of three quotes before making a choice of supplier; this is an expensive purchase so don’t rush into it.

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