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Conservatory Roof Panels: Cost for New & Replacement Panels

Conservatories are a fair investment for homeowners, so it can be a little disheartening when you can use your conservatory less and less, as the roof starts to show signs of wear and tear. Additionally, if your conservatory was installed a few years ago, the materials may not be the best available for heat retention and thermal insulation. However, we may have a solution! In this guide, we’re going to take you through everything you need to know about conservatory roof panels, the cost for new ones, the range available, how to use aftermarket products and the timescales for these such jobs!

Conservatory Roof Panel Materials

Conservatory roofs are typically made from polycarbonate sheets, glass, plastic shingles, or if you have a solid conservatory roof, roof tiles.

Polycarbonate Panels and Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate conservatory roof is the most common material used, especially in years gone by, due to its ease of installation, its durability, and its cost-effectiveness, however, it does leave a lot to be desired by way of thermal insulation and the life expectancy of looking its best. Due to this, a lot of people later consider the installation of either a completely new conservatory roof or the replacement of roof panels.


A more modern conservatory roof replacement material is glass. Not only does glass increase the amount of light in your conservatory, but the double glazing properties improves the insulation too, along with specific tints and variations blocking out harmful UV rays with UV protection technology to keep everyone inside the conservatory safe. Glass is slightly more expensive than polycarbonate panels, but only slightly, and you’ll see a massive difference in noise pollution reductions and energy efficiency. Glass makes for a wonderful conservatory roof replacement, and it’s a massive improvement on the standard polycarbonate material.

Other Materials

Plastic shingles and roof tiles are much less common materials used for conservatories, as they don’t really match up to a glass conservatory roof replacement, or even a polycarbonate conservatory roof replacement, so they are far rarer to come across. However, if you did want to incorporate replacement conservatory roof panels into a bigger project of attaching your conservatory to your home in a much more permanent way, these materials are the way to go. You’ll need to review the local building regulations to check whether you will need planning permission for the work, as things like local disruption, the site, any applicable privacy policy, the requirements in local legislation, and many other things are adhered to. Planning permission is an incredibly important aspect to consider with these types of jobs, and you should factor the cost of applying for planning permission into your budget, as each area has a different fee structure.

Conservatory Roof Panels

How much does it cost to replace a conservatory roof?

The main consideration for the majority of customers and homeowners is whether they have the budget available for a new conservatory roof and whether it’s a glass or polycarbonate sheet, the cost of a replacement conservatory roof doesn’t come that cheap. However, the benefits that you gain from the work extend from making the living space more comfortable in saving money on energy bills with the increased insulation. In this section, we’re going to guide you through the average replacement conservatory roof cost for the different conservatory roof panels available. Each of the average prices we discuss in this section will be based around a lean-to roof 3m x 3.5m in size.

Roof Panels Conservatory

Polycarbonate Sheet

Polycarbonate is the most common material for conservatory roof panels and this is mostly due to the fact that it is the most cost-effective option. For the materials you’re going to spend around £3,000, which will include all the fixings and of course the polycarbonate sheets needed for the conservatory roof panels. The job will take around 1-2 days and cost about £750 in labour, as replacing conservatory roofs tends to be a two-man job. A new conservatory roof made from polycarbonate will make a world of difference aesthetically, but if you had the same material beforehand, you won’t see much of a difference in energy efficiency and in conserving heat. The total cost for the project will be around £3,750, meaning that a glass conservatory roof may be a better investment, as we’ll explore more below.

Polycarbonate Conservatory Panels

Glass Material

Glass conservatory roof panels are a significant improvement upon a polycarbonate conservatory roof, mainly due to the increased benefits of energy efficiency and the insulating double glazing. However, these improvements come at a price, albeit a marginal increase from other panels. The materials will cost about £3,500 for a glass conservatory roof, and the labour will cost around £850, which isn’t too dissimilar to other installations, making for a total of £4,250, which is just £500 more than polycarbonate. In simple terms, you get many more benefits for your money by opting for glass over polycarbonate, and you’ll save a lot in energy bills over the years too.

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Earlier we mentioned the option of either a tiled roof or plastic shingles. Now, these types of roof panels are much more expensive than both glass and polycarbonate, with them being much more permanent features that require more internal work than usual. In materials alone, you’re likely to pay about £6,750 for roof sheets, conservatory roof panels and tiles, and around £2,000 in labour, meaning the total figure won’t be far away from £9,000. Again, if you’re looking to incorporate your conservatory roof into your home permanently, this is what you’ll need to do, but otherwise, you’d be much better off with the cheaper alternatives.

Curved Conservatory Glass Panels

What is the best replacement conservatory roof?

As you can probably deduce from the information so far, glass conservatory roof panels tick all the boxes for the moniker or ‘Best Replacement Conservatory Roof’, and while polycarbonate is a strong option for conservatory roofs, it can’t compete with the benefits of glass while also being not a lot cheaper. Glass conservatory roofs are increasing in popularity each year, and so are the products that can be added to them as a DIY project. For example, for increased shade and UV ray protection, you can be an easy to apply film to the glass roof panels to tint them a specific shade, and you can also have different coloured or styled glazing bars added to the roof to attain a certain aesthetic which is a handy little item to have available. Glazing bars are an essential aspect of the glass roof panel system, so why not have control over how they look too. They are typically made from aluminium, which is pretty common for all types of conservatory fixings, due to the versatility of aluminium and its ease of workability. Aluminium is also used for window frames and the fixings that are attached to them, in addition to the commonly found aluminium guttering fixtures outside the conservatory.

Replacing Conservatory Panels

Is it worth replacing your conservatory roof?

Conservatories are little safe havens to escape to after a tough day at the office or to spend a few peaceful hours with a book on the weekend. However, even if you have the budget available for replacing your conservatory roof panels, there is still the question of whether it’s worth the money or not. Roof panels impact the enjoyment of the space massively from shading the sun to keeping the warmth inside the living space. With that in mind, it is worth replacing your conservatory roof, and considering the price of glass replacement conservatory roof panels, its actually a pretty small investment for the number of years you’re likely to enjoy them and the added insulation they provide. Add an extra product like tinting film or new window frames here and there, and your conservatory will look fresh and new for a long time.

Roof Panels Conservatory

Can you put solar panels on a conservatory roof?

Conservatories with brand new glass panels are incredibly adept at insulation and keeping heat inside, making them much more energy-efficient than older conservatory roofs and ultimately a lot more cost-effective. The process of insulation with double glazing really helps this efficiency and in turn, will save you money on your energy bills, however, you can further increase these savings with the addition of conservatory solar panels and solar panel technology. If you find that your conservatory tends to get a lot of sun on its roof, it may be perfect for solar panels, and you could be generating your own electricity for further savings on your electricity bill. Now, this type of roof system obviously requires lots of sunlight, so if your conservatory is covered with overhanging trees nearby, blocking sunlight, you’d be better off avoiding this type of roof system as it wouldn’t be a sound investment.

Glass panels are more than strong enough to withstand the weight of any solar panels you wish to install on the conservatory roof, and conservatories around the country are taking advantage of this extra roof space to install solar products. Solar panels have technology within them that absorb sunlight and convert the energy generate into electricity that you can use within your home, and you can even sell surplus energy back to the grid! Again, you’ll need to check out the local building regulations in your area before you can commit to a product like this and ensure that your home isn’t within a restricted category for these types of installations.

There are some government schemes available that subsidise the cost of solar panels on your roof, as they try to encourage more people to make the jump over to solar energy and make full use of the abundant resources we all have available.

Man Installing Solar Panels


Homeowners around the country are investing in new roof panels for their conservatory roofs not just for the aesthetic benefits, but for the added layer of insulation, the increased energy-efficiency that the insulation garners and the increase in life expectancy of those roofs and roof panels, all contributing to a space that is much more comfortable to use regularly. Old and inept roof panels can cause quite an issue for conservatory owners and typically the investment in a new roof panel or two can be the solution. It may be a little investment into your roofing system, but it’s worth the money, and the varied panel sizes, choice of styles and range available on the market today will garner tons of thanks from the family.

Roofs around the country are in desperate need of a replacement, but to help you make the choice and decision on investing in a replacement roofing system request that a few local roofers come and measure the roof area, length, build-up of damage or wear and any other information they need so they can provide you with some details on how they can help with a roofing solution that meets your needs and the needs of your conservatory. You may even find that each panel on the roof is showing different signs of wear and that you only need to repair or replace a panel or two, or maybe integrate some new aluminium glazing bars.

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