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Coloured uPVC Doors: Top Options and Ideas For Front Doors

If you’re considering buying a new door or doors and you’ve decided you’d like uPVC, you don’t have to go with the traditional white uPVC doors! Nowadays, you’re spoilt for choice as it’s not just the colour you can choose, but the material, style, glazing and hardware too. Choosing a new uPVC door has just got more difficult, but don’t worry we’re going to make it a lot easier for you in this article!

Coloured uPVC Doors

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Coloured uPVC front doors and styles

Choosing a colour for you uPVC door is one thing, but choosing the material and style is just as important. Materials available include aluminium, wood, and composite as well as uPVC. With all of these, you have a range of door colours.

Coloured uPVC door colours

uPVC doors are available in a selection of finishes and colours. You can even have a dual-colour option and or wood effect doors. They can also be matched to uPVC windows.

Typical colours include dark woodgrain, dual dark woodgrain, anthracite grey, dual anthracite grey, golden oak, dual golden oak, white and sage green.

Coloured composite door colours

There are so many door colours for composite doors! Here are a few to think about:

  • Anthracite grey
  • Agate grey
  • Pebble grey
  • Black brown
  • Jet black
  • Dark woodgrain
  • Cream
  • Cobalt blue
  • Duck egg blue
  • Pastel blue
  • Peacock blue
  • Ice blue
  • Steel blue
  • Turquoise blue
  • Fern green
  • Fir green
  • Sage green
  • Golden oak
  • Purple violet
  • Ruby red
  • White

Coloured wood door colours

What’s great about wood doors is that you are free to paint them whatever colour or finish you like. You might want to make the most of the wood’s natural grain or choose a colour to stand out.

With a wood door, you’ve also got the possibility of changing the colour further down the line should you wish!

How about some of these colours?

  • Bluebell
  • Burgundy
  • Ivory
  • Pillar box red
  • Emerald green
  • Eucalyptus
  • Buttercup yellow

Coloured aluminium doors

Typically, aluminium doors are coloured with an etched powder coating, which is then baked to be more dependable and durable. The choice of colours is great but here are some of the most popular colours:

  • Light grey
  • Anthracite grey
  • White
  • Brown
  • Black

How to choose coloured uPVC doors?

If you don’t know where to start with choosing your coloured uPVC doors, it’s a good idea to drive around your area and look at the other houses that are similar to yours. Think about what colours look good to help you narrow down your choices.

Many people like to have colours that are in keeping with the rest of their street for example. Alternatively, you might want to choose something different that makes you stand out from the crowd! Still can’t narrow it down?

Here is some more information about the categories of colours to help you whittle down your choices.

Bright coloured doors

Bright coloured uPVC doors are great for stamping your personality on the front of your home. For a classic bright coloured door, why not choose pillar box red or a beautiful deep violet? If you want to go bright, you have lots of colour choices.

Neutral colour doors and pastel colours

If you’ve got more subtle tastes, there are lovely colours available besides the default black and white neutral tones. Grey uPVC doors have seen a huge rise in popularity in recent years, as have pale green uPVC doors.

Remember, natural wood styles are also neutral, imagine having rosewood uPVC doors to your back garden and a rosewood front door to match?

For a contemporary touch, how about a pastel coloured door? Elegant hues can suit all homes from period properties and cottages to new builds.

Dark coloured doors

Dark coloured uPVC doors are classic and give a luxurious touch to your home. Adding in bright hardware like brass door knockers, handles and letter boxes make a real contrast with the dark colour.

Glazing options for coloured uPVC doors

Just like with uPVC windows, there are lots of glazing options for coloured uPVC doors so you can get your door glazing to match your existing windows. Here are some options available:

Diamond ­Lead

If you have diamond lead glazing, you could choose to have this on your uPVC doors too. It is an Old-English look but a dateless style that is suitable for any traditional-style or contemporary home.

Square Lead

Square lead windows are another popular glazing choice for uPVC doors and windows.

Internal Georgian Bars

Similar to square lead in design, Georgian bars can be added to the glazing of uPVC doors to keep in line with the rest of your property. The bar itself is inside the double glazing unit, which makes for much easier window cleaning!

Authentic Georgian Bars

The difference between internal Georgian bar glazing and authentic Georgian bars is that the bars for the authentic version are on top of the glass. This creates a more typical Georgian look when each square would have been a separate pane of glass.

Bevelled Glass­

Bevelled glazing can add a touch of elegance and class to uPVC front doors. There are so many designs available so you can really make your front door unique.

Coloured Glass­

A composite front door or a uPVC front door with coloured glass can really make a statement. Coloured glass elements are available in a huge range of traditional and contemporary designs.

How much do coloured uPVC doors cost?

As all doors and home are different, it is difficult to put a price on a new uPVC front door.

Door prices vary considerably but front doors, back doors, and side doors are all similar in price. You should expect to pay more for French doors and sliding doors, however.

A basic uPVC door could be as little as £250. If the door is a front door, however, you might consider having extra windows and panels which would bump up the price.

The final price of your front door would depend on the following factors:

  • Colour – as white is usually standard for a uPVC door, this is typically the cheapest option. Adding a colour option (or door designs like oak or rosewood) can add around £150 to the cost of your door.
  • Glass – the type of glazing you choose will affect the price you pay. You can choose between clear, decorated, frosted, tinted and safety glass.
  • Door grids – Georgian bars or leaded glass will also push your door price up.
  • Door accessories – you’ll need to factor in costs for letter boxes (up to £20), a door knocker (up to £15), a spyhole (up to £10) and custom sills (up to £10).
  • Insulation – extra insulation either inside the door or around it can add to the cost. Expect an extra £20 for insulation within the door, £5 for sealing tape and £10 for spacing bars.

Final thoughts

Having external uPVC doors is no longer just a white plastic affair! Your front door can really be unique these days. With uPVC being a low-maintenance material, uPVC really makes good value doors that really stand the test of time, especially compared to real wood.

There is a versatile range of colour options and luxurious materials, and the main advantages to coloured uPVC doors are that you can customise the colour, design, glazing, and hardware of your new doors!

Compare Window Costs Online

You can save up to 65% OFF new windows and doors by using our online cost calculator.

FENSA approved installers
It only takes one minute
Receive as many as 4 quotes
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