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Double Glazing – Our Free Buyers Guide

Everything you need to know before buying double glazing in this handy free guide.

If you’re planning on change your windows or doors you need to be aware of your legal obligation to meet certain standards in the government’s Building Regulations.

With plenty of other factors to take into account too, it is necessary to be equipped with the information you need, which is why this free guide will be a useful reference point. It not only gives you the background to the demands of the Building Regulations but also details the benefits of double glazing as well as guiding you through the various design options. We advise you on everything from what to look for in a supplier to how to care for your windows. Simply enter your details into the form to get instant access.

What you can expect in this free guide…

  • How to use this double glazing guide
  • 10 things you need to know before you buy double glazing
  • So, you’re thinking about replacement windows?
  • Benefits of double glazing
  • Replacement windows Building Regulations
  • The need for reduced energy consumption
  • Maintenance
  • Buyer’s guide
  • Choosing a supplier
  • Choice of materials
  • Design issues
  • Types of glass
  • Going down the DIY route
  • At a glance guidelines
  • Why use The Glazing People?

Enter your details into the form to get instant access to this free buyers guide.

Double Glazing Buyers Guide