Benefits Of Double Glazing

What are the benefits of double glazing and why should you have it installed in your home?

There are many benefits of double glazing compared to traditional single pane windows and doors.

Improved heat retention is one of the main benefits of double glazing.

One of the main benefits of double glazing is improved heat retention. A key function of a window or door is to keep the heat in and the cold out. All double glazing units have an insulating layer of air trapped between the two panes of glass and this insulating layer helps your home retain up to 60% more heat than a traditional single glazed window. When every window and exterior door is replaced with a double glazed unit the effects in terms of heat retention become apparent very quickly.

Lower energy bills

It stands to reason that if your home is retaining the heat it produces there isn’t going to be a constant need to replace it. In other words if you use gas to heat your home then your gas bill will fall, and if you use electric storage heaters then your electric bill will fall. With the constant price increases being imposed by energy providers the savings you make on your utility bills over the first few years will often equal the price you pay for your double glazing.

Better noise reduction

For those people who live in an area with high noise levels, one of the key benefits of double glazing is significant noise reduction. The air that is sealed within a double glazed unit during the manufacturing process not only insulates your home from the cold, it also insulates it from external noise. While it’s nice to be woken by the sound of birds on a spring morning it isn’t so nice to be woken by the sound of your neighbour starting his car at 4.30am every morning to go to work, or the sound of their garden parties that continue late into the night. Constant sounds are also reduced with the installation of double glazing, making life next to a busy road or a school or a children’s playground a lot more bearable.

Easier maintenance

Once double glazed units are installed and sealed they require very little in the way of maintenance. You might need to wash them down occasionally for them to keep their new appearance but you won’t need to do any of the time consuming jobs associated with single glazed windows. So, you won’t need to sand the frames every year so they can be repainted, you won’t need to seal them against damp and rot, you won’t need to replace broken bits of frame or windowsill and you won’t need to climb a ladder every week to dry the frame after the window cleaner has been. In terms of maintenance, life is definitely easier with double glazing.

Lower repair costs

You may think we have got this the wrong way round but we haven’t. The main repair associated with double glazing is a blown seal. This means that the seal keeping the insulating layer of air between the two sheets of glass develops a fault and as a result water creeps into the gap. Thankfully this is very easily fixed and can be done within a few hours for around £60-£80 in most cases.

Repairing a traditional single glazed window with a wooden frame however requires a skilled craftsman and there aren’t that many of them left in business. Because of this, if you do manage to find one in your local area who will come out and replace a broken window or repair a damaged frame it will often cost you a lot more than having a similar sized double glazed unit repaired.

Adds value to your home

It’s easy to see that professionally fitted double glazing looks better in a property than tired old traditional wooden window frames and single glazed windows. It also adds value to your property though as it will score better energy efficiency marks with double glazing in place.

Every residential property that goes on the market in the UK has to undergo a series of tests to determine how energy efficient it is and how much carbon dioxide it releases into the atmosphere. The rating it gets is very like the rating you see on domestic appliances. A rating of A to C means your property is very energy efficient and this will add to the price you can ask for it. A rating of D or E means it is less efficient and this might make it difficult to sell. Anything less than an E rating (which is what single glazed windows would produce) will make your home virtually impossible to sell, even at a reduced price.

So, as you can see there are several key benefits of double glazing. Double glazing is definitely worth the investment and as there are grants available to help with the costs (see double glazing grants) there is no reason why you can’t have it installed before the next cold spell hits.

Benefits Of Double Glazing

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  1. As a Window Repair company, I find that a lot of people who have blown units are surprised that it is a relatively low cost to have this repaired, rather than replaced!
    Excellent article, and very useful for everyone to read.

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