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How Double Glazing Works

How Double Glazing Works

So how does double glazing actually work? Double glazing is something that many homeowners and businesses decide to have installed, as it can offer so many benefits. One of the key benefits of double glazing is its ability to work as an insulator, which means that it is able to keep the heat inside your … Read more

Complying With Building Regulations When Installing Double Glazing

Building Regulations

Does fitting new windows and doors require planning permission or building regulations approval? Most people are used to being able to carry out home improvements in their properties without the need to adhere to certain building regulations. Of course, most of us know that planning permissions and regulations play a big part in major improvements … Read more

Triple Glazing Noise Reduction

Triple Glazing Noise Reduction

Triple Glazing Noise Reduction Benefits It seems to be obvious that triple glazing would offer the benefits of double glazing and more, but this isn’t always the case. If you are looking purely at energy efficiency then the payback on your initial outlay takes a while to be seen with double glazing, and triple glazing … Read more

Regulatory Bodies for the Double Glazing Industry

Regulatory Bodies

Anyone who has double glazing installed can look forward to a range of benefits, one of the key ones being the energy saving capabilities of double glazing. This is something that will not only benefit the person having the double glazing installed but also helps the government to move closer to reaching energy saving targets … Read more

Handling Double Glazing Salesmen

Double Glazing Salesmen

How to handle Double Glazing Salesmen in your home Double glazing installation is something that can provide you with many benefits, enhancing your quality of life at home as well as improving security, property value, and the aesthetic appeal of your home. However, if you are planning to have double glazing fitted one thing you … Read more

A Buyer’s Guide To Double Glazing

Double Glazing Buyers Guide

A short guide to help you buy the right double glazing at the right price! Replacing windows on your property can change its visual appearance considerably. It’s important to select a style that matches your property and enhances its looks, especially when fitting PVCu and aluminium designs to older properties. It often helps to look … Read more

Double Glazing Maintenance

Double Glazing Maintenance

How To Maintain Your Double Glazing Everything lasts better if it is well looked after and given the right kind of TLC. Double glazing is no different – an annual ‘spring clean’ will keep your windows in good working order. While PVCu and aluminium frames are virtually maintenance-free they do need a little attention as … Read more

The Need To Reduce Energy Requirements

Reduce Energy Requirements

The Kyoto Protocol signed at the earth summit in Japan resulted in the British Government, among many others, signing up to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to pre-1990 levels. The British government is committed to achieving this and to continue to reduce emissions which cause global warming. One of the ways in which to achieve these … Read more

So, you’re thinking about replacement windows?

Replacement Windows

There are many reasons for changing your windows and/or doors and, unless you get it drastically wrong – either by choosing a style that is unsympathetic to your home or by doing it ‘on the cheap’ and ending up with an inferior product – you will improve the look and increase the value of your … Read more

10 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy Double Glazing

Double Glazed Windows

10 important key facts you should consider before installing double glazing in your home. Double glazing is subject to strict Building Regulations – make sure you adhere to them Safety, security and energy conservation will be enhanced, learn more about the benefits of double glazing Your chosen style should complement and enhance your property Cheaper … Read more