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What Are Sash Windows? Styles, Pros, Cons & More

Modern Sash Windows

Sash windows are a traditional style Victorian, Edwardian, and Georgian window. They’re a huge part of the architectural heritage and continued to be installed today in more modern forms and designs. As well as being desirable in period properties, they’re also very popular for new build homes that take their inspiration from traditional architecture. Depending … Read more

Should New Windows Have Condensation On The Inside?

New Windows With Condensation On The Inside

Window condensation can be majorly irritating! Unfortunately, if you live in a climate with cool winters and high humidity levels, it’s pretty inevitable. As soon as you’re into autumn and the temperatures start to dip, many homeowners start seeing interior window condensation. Although things are much better than they were a generation or so ago … Read more

Inward Opening Windows: Everything You Need to Consider

Inward Opening Windows

Most homes have outward opening windows but more and more people are considering windows that open inwards as they look to replace their existing windows. Before changing to this opening mechanism, it’s important to consider all of the factors. Windows open inwards Vs windows open outwards Traditional casement windows usually open outwards while tilt turn … Read more

uPVC Bow Window: All You Need to Know

uPVC Bow Window

When many people talk about bay windows, what they’re actually referring to is something different altogether: a bow window. What’s the difference, you might ask? Well, bow windows are usually composed of three or more panes that are all joined to create a curving window structure. Though a bow window will still project out of … Read more