10 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy Double Glazing

10 important key facts you should consider before installing double glazing in your home.

  1. Double glazing is subject to strict Building Regulations – make sure you adhere to them
  2. Safety, security and energy conservation will be enhanced, learn more about the benefits of double glazing
  3. Your chosen style should complement and enhance your property
  4. Cheaper prices often come at the expense of fewer opening windows
  5. Check whether PVCu windows are fully welded or if parts of it are mechanically fixed
  6. Get up to four quotes before taking a decision and check suppliers’ guarantees
  7. Secondary glazing is a cheaper and equally efficient option for sound insulation
  8. Double glazing will cut energy bills by around 10-12% annually
  9. Check whether windows have any special ‘easy escape’ or ‘fire escape’ features. Special hinges can be fitted to help with this but are not usually standard items and increase the cost
  10. DIY is an option – but only for the competent and confident.

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