Double Glazing Grants

Double glazing grants, are there any available?

If you’re thinking about replacing your existing double glazing, or you’re considering having double glazing installed for the first time, then you’ll probably be looking for ways to reduce the cost. After all, installing new windows throughout a property will almost certainly run to several thousand pounds if not more. In the past, there were several double glazing grants available for homeowners but these schemes have stopped.

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Unfortunately, there aren’t many double glazing grants available at present aimed at helping homeowners and landlords with the cost of double glazing. Other energy efficiency measures such as cavity wall insulation and loft insulation do have grants available but strangely double glazing doesn’t, even though most people class it as an insulating measure.

Until July 2015 the government offered what they termed a Green Deal grant, designed to help with the cost of new double glazing and other energy efficiency home improvements. This ‘double glazing grant’ came with several annoying restrictions and an interest rate of between 6 and 9% which is why it proved highly unpopular and was quickly scrapped. Since then there has been no sign of replacement double glazing grants from the government.

The Affordable Warmth Scheme

The Affordable Warmth Scheme is a newer scheme that offers grants to a small number of applicants for certain energy-saving home improvements. Run according to stipulations set by the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) the Affordable Warmth Scheme doesn’t specifically offer double glazing grants but they do offer grants to help with the cost of replacement boilers and insulation. Occasionally recipients of this grant are allowed to put some of the money towards new double glazing, especially in older properties with single glazing and listed properties that can only have secondary glazing.

Why is double glazing not included you may ask…

The Energy Companies Obligation only offer grants for home improvements that have the capacity to reduce the property’s energy bills by a larger amount than the cost of installation. So, in order to qualify, the new or replacement double glazing would need to save the homeowner more money in a set period of time than it cost to have the windows installed, and this very rarely happens. Older properties with single glazed windows in poor condition may meet this criterion, however, which is why the Affordable Warmth grant can sometimes be used towards new double glazing.

Who can apply for the Affordable Warmth Scheme?

Anyone who is on a low income and/or in receipt of certain benefits can apply for this home improvement grant however you will need to live in an old property with single glazing if you want to use the money as a double glazing grant. This particular grant is means tested so you will need to prove your low income/benefit status before your application is agreed.

Local Authority Home Improvement Grants

Occasionally local authorities offer home improvement grants to landlords and tenants that can be used as double glazing grants. Again, to qualify you will probably need to be in receipt of certain benefits and/or on a low income so if you’re in full-time employment then chances are you won’t qualify. If you are eligible then you’ll often be added to a long waiting list, meaning you may not see any money for several years.

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Finding Cheap Double Glazing without a Double Glazing Grant

As you can see from above, the number of double glazing grants available at the present time is virtually zero. You might be able to get help towards the cost of new windows if you meet quite exacting criteria but chances are you won’t.

So is there a way to get new double glazing without a grant and without breaking the bank?

As with most business sectors, today companies in the double glazing sector often experience competition from rival companies. So, if you get a range of quotes from various reputable local companies you’ll find that they tend to offer big ‘money off’ incentives to ensure your business goes to them. In this way, you can sometimes get as much as 70% off the full price cost, and low-interest finance at the same time. Learn how to deal with double glazing salesmen.

Self-financing new or replacement double glazing is, and was, the route taken by most homeowners and landlords even when the Green Deal grants were available. And now that there are virtually no double glazing grants to apply for there really is no other option.

The Future for Double Glazing Grants

Nobody can say what the future holds in terms of double glazing grants so biding your time and hoping a good one comes along is probably a mistake. Saying that, the humungous changes that are occurring within the United Kingdom at present could result in more money becoming available for things like energy-efficient home improvements in the near future.

For the time being though it makes sense to self-finance and take advantage of the low costs being offered by double glazing specialists.

Save up to 45% OFF new windows and doors

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